The History Department at Moravian College

Honors Projects

History students have actively participated in the Honors Program at Moravian College. The Honors Program offers students of proven ability in their senior year the opportunity to pursue a year-long research project under the personal guidance of a faculty member whose own research is in that same area. Honors study in history is invaluable preparation for graduate and professional studies.

Recent Honors Projects:


  • The Religion of the Founding Fathers
  • 153rd Pennsylvania in the Civil War
  • Irrationality in Plurinationality: Conflicting Claims of Interculturality in Modern Ecuadorian Society


  • The Irish Brigade in the American Civil War


  • Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend: Women's Baseball in the Twentieth Century
  • Patrons and Playwrights: Patronage in Tudor-Stuart England
  • The Edge of Belief: Exploring Apparitions in the Witchcraft Debate of Early Modern Britain
  • Beyond Motherhood: The Women's Movement and the Shift in Women's Legal Status in the United States, 1945-1986


  • Taming Seventeenth Century Virginia: Wealthy Planters and the Colony They Created
  • The History of Blast Furnace Technology at Bethlehem Steel
  • Women's Work: The Production and Decoration of Textiles and Pottery in the Aegean Bronze Age


  • Consonance, Dissonance and Resolution: The Federal Music Project as a Government Arts Organization
  • Freedom, Slavery, and the National Identity: The Evolution of American Political Thought from 1824 until 1860 through the Words and Careers of Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Seward, Stephen A. Douglas
  • Women Industrial Workers and Community Development Organizations in the El Paso - Ciudad Juárez Region: A Comparison of the Centro de Orientación de la Mujer Obrera and La Mujer


  • A Study of Moravian Communal Structures from 1722-57 and the Zeremonienbüchlein