Scholarship Plans

Tuition Remission

In accordance with the Tuition Remission Policy, employees and their eligible dependents may take advantage of various tuition benefits and enroll in College or Seminary classes.

Benefit eligible employees wishing to utilize this benefit are required to complete a TUITION WAIVER APPROVAL form for every term they or their eligible dependent(s) wish to enroll in a class. Click on this link to access an electronic copy of the form. Tuition Waiver Approval

Tuition Exchange

The tuition Exchange is a reciprocal scholarship program for children and other family member of faculty and staff employed at over 530 participating institutions. The Tuition Exchange, Inc., a non-profit association, serves higher education by making careers at colleges and universities more attractive. Visit their Website at:

Please refer to the on-line Employee Handbook for a complete summary of the Tuition Remission and Exchange Policies under section 8.6 Educational Benefits.