Emergency Closings

At times, the President or another senior officer of the institution may declare an emergency closing of the institution. Such closings, although rarely necessary, may be required because of extreme weather conditions or other emergencies. When such a closing occurs, public announcements will be made through radio stations WEST-AM, 1400 (WLEV-FM, 96.1); WAEB-AM, 790, (WAEB-FM, 104.1); and WFMZ-FM, 100.7. Essential facilities personnel are required to contact their supervisor if there is any question as to their need to report for duty. All employees are expected to report for their next regularly scheduled shift; unless notified by the aforementioned public medium or their supervisor.

If a closure occurs, the following guidelines will be used to determine the pay for support staff members:

  • Following the official time of the closure, support staff will receive pay for the regular workday, whether the emergency closing is declared while at work or before work. Decisions to close will be made for each shift; e.g., if closure occurs at Noon, evening shifts may still need to report.
    If a support staff member is required to work during an Emergency Closing, he or she will be paid double time for all hours worked between the time of closing and the start of their next regularly scheduled shift. Staff members will be paid straight time for the remainder of their shift if they leave before it is over. If you are not required to report, you will be paid straight time for your normally scheduled shift.
  • If night shift is working and road conditions deteriorate, a supervisor can make a decision to send the night shift home. In these situations, regular pay will continue for the balance of the shift after the supervisor’s decision.
  • If the institution is not closed due to inclement weather and a support staff member reports late for work or leaves early, he or she will be paid only for the time on the job. The hours when he or she was unable to come to work must be treated as unpaid emergency leave, vacation or personal time, in accordance with the appropriate policies. Support staff are limited to two full days of unpaid, emergency leave each calendar year. If you report late, your supervisor may permit you to work extra hours to ensure that a full workday is completed.