Emergency Closings

The president or another senior officer of the institution may declare an emergency closing of the institution. Such closings, although rarely necessary, may be required because of extreme weather conditions or other emergencies. Moravian sends out closure notifications via e2Campus text messages (if you have signed up); e2Campus e-mail messages (if you have signed up); College e-mail message; AMOS posting; and College, Seminary, and Comenius Center webpage postings. When such a closing occurs, public announcements will be made through WFMZ TV 69 News, both the on air scroll and the website.

Closure announcements are also made via the college hotline number (610) 625-7995.

If a closure occurs, the following guidelines will be used to determine the pay for support staff members:

  • Support staff who have already reported to work as of the official time of the closure will receive pay for the regular work day, whether the emergency closing is declared while at work or before work. Decisions to close will be made for each shift; e.g., if closure occurs at noon, evening shifts may still need to report. Support staff who have requested vacation or personal time, or are out on sick leave prior to any emergency closure will not receive pay for the closure; rather will receive pay for that which was previously requested.
  • If a support staff member is required to work during an emergency closing, he or she will receive his or her regular hourly rate for the balance of the shift (or the end of the emergency period) plus straight time for all hours worked after the official closure (subject to the provision for payment of time and a half for hours worked over 40 in a work week.
  • If an employee is working a non-traditional shift and road conditions deteriorate, a supervisor can make a decision to send the employee(s) home. In these situations, regular pay will continue for the balance of the shift after the supervisor’s decision.
  • If the institution remains open during inclement weather and a support staff member reports late for work or leaves early, he or she will be paid only for the time on the job. The hours when he or she was unable to come to work must be treated as unpaid emergency leave, or personal time, in accordance with the appropriate policies. Vacation time may be used, if accrued if all other emergency leave or personal has been utilized. Support staff are limited to two full days of unpaid emergency leave each calendar year. If an employee reports late, the supervisor may permit the employee to work extra hours to ensure that a full work day is completed.

Administrative staff that cannot make it in during inclement weather must also use vacation time to cover their absence unless a pre-arranged work schedule has been established.