Benefits Open Enrollment Guide

This is your opportunity to make changes to your current Health, Dental, or Vision enrollment. Changes include enrolling in another plan, adding/removing dependents to your contract, or waiving coverage.

Be sure to carefully COMPARE the two PPO plan designs to determine the plan design that best suits the needs of yourself and your dependents. Both plans access the same provider network.

Please review the enclosed premium impact summary comparing your premium expense between the two PPO plan designs.

Changing Your Benefits Elections

Print a Benefits Election Form to indicate the CHANGES you wish to make for the upcoming calendar year, check yes to pretax your premium, sign it.

Employees who are making a change to their health, dental, or vision enrollments will need to attend one of the open enrollment sessions to complete the necessary insurance change form(s).

Bring your completed Benefit Election Form with you to the session. Scheduled dates are Nov 12 & 13from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the Snyder Room, HUB.

All forms must be submitted to HR by November 30th

Employees who wish to enroll in the Flexible Spending Program must complete separate form to enroll for the upcoming calendar year.

Click on the following link FSA’s Enrollment to access an enrollment guide.

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