Centers of Investigation

Each of the Centers of Investigation are led by two faculty directors,  are identified on the homepages of each of the issues. These are not "physical" centers, but they are the focus for a group of experts who individually and collectively address these topics both inside and outside the classroom.  The Centers play several roles: 

The Centers of Investigation support the efforts of  IN FOCUS Co-curricular Sub-committee to promote and coordinate programs related to their topic each year.  These may include outside speakers from the community, performers, or panels made up of the College’s own faculty, staff, or students.

The directors of the four Centers of Investigation are as follows:

Poverty & Inequality Health Care
Sonia Aziz, Economics & Business Kerry Cheever, Nursing
John Reynolds, Political Science Virginia Adams O'Connell, Sociology
Sustainability War & Peace
Diane Husic, Biological Sciences Kelly Denton-Borhaug, Religion
Don St. John, Religion Daniel Jasper, Sociology