IN FOCUS Funding Requests


The Grants Subcommittee of the IN FOCUS program is charged with allocating funds to support curricular and co-curricular activities that enhance student exploration of the IN FOCUS theme for the year.  The theme for the 2012-2013 academic year is Health Care. Activities for potential funding may include guest speakers, presenters, exhibits, performances, hands-on learning opportunities, and other programs.

Budget resources are expected to be limited to $100-$200 per request, with 10-20 funded requests per year. To apply for funding, complete and submit this funding request form. Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, with subcommittee review and response within 2-weeks of receipt.  In addition, funding requests for activities that dovetail with the Center of Investigation for the upcoming academic year (2013-2014, War & Peace) will be accepted starting in the spring of 2014.  

While planning these activities, organizers are encouraged to (1) review the date, time and location of their activity with the HUB desk and (2) to list the activity or event with IN FOCUS and the Public Relations Office. 

All successful funding requests will be required to submit a brief summary of the program and evaluation of its outcomes within two weeks following the activity.

To access information about applying for external funding, log on to AMOS.  Click on the blue tab labeled “College Faculty” (located across the top of the page).  On the left side of the screen, click on the link to “External Grants.”  From that page, you can access additional information under the following headings:  Applying for Grants, Grant Writing, Sources of Funding, and Grant Activity at Moravian.