Music Alliance Membership / Gifts

Benefactor $5,000 and above
All Maestro benefits, plus pair of tickets for Great Artists Series

Maestro $2,500-4,999
All Concert Master benefits, plus invitation to President’s Reception and four tickets for the season concerts (exclusive of the Great Artists Series)

Concert Master $1,000-2,499
All Impresario benefits plus invitation to a private reception, library privileges for the Music Collection in the Brethren’s House, and notification of the Comenius Dinner.

Impresario $500-999
All Patron benefits, plus two tickets for a season concert (exclusive of the Great Artists Series)

Patron $250-499
All Supporter benefits, plus four Christmas Vespers tickets; discounts for Bethlehem dining

Supporter $100-249
All Contributor benefits, plus Delta Omicron Performance Class, and special events and trips

Contributor $50-99
All Basic benefits, plus advance notification of the concert ticket sales

Basic $25
Receipt of yearly concert schedule