Frequently Asked Questions

Returning student FAQs (Good things for new students, too!)

When is Band Camp?
Band Camp for the FULL BAND begins the Sunday one week before classes begin. Move-in day is 1-4 pm the Sunday a week before classes begin. We have short performances Friday for Freshman Vespers and the day before classes for Cross-over. We also have a Mini-Band Camp Labor Day Weekend!

How much time does marching band take once the fall term starts?
Less time than you think. In addition to Band Camp before classes, there is a Mini Band Camp Labor Day Weekend. During the semester, rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 to 6 pm and Saturdays of game days from 10 am till the end of the game (usually about 4:30 pm). We do NOT perform every weekend. We perform for 4-6 football games, 1-2 high school exhibitions, the Collegiate Marching Band Festival in Allentown, the College homecoming parade, and 1-2 parades (we dress in costume for Bethlehem's Halloween Parade).

Is there a Band Camp?
Yes! Band Camp is held on campus the week prior to the start of school. Resident students may move into their assigned fall dorm rooms for Band Camp.

Do I have to be a music major to be in the band?
No, you do not! And there are no auditions! We have students from virtually every major at the college. Music majors make up approximately half to two-thirds of the total band membership.

Is band a class?
Yes it is. For music minors and other non-music majors, credit is given for membership in the large ensembles, including Marching Band (fall term only), Wind Ensemble (spring term only), College-Community Orchestra, and Choir. Four terms of participation will give you .50 units toward graduation. Six terms of a large ensemble results in one full unit. Since the unit is not counted in the per-semester load limit, there is no extra tuition charge for your participation, regardless of the number of credits in which you are enrolled. For some music majors, Marching Band is part of the Performance Unit requirement. M6 credit is available for non-music majors (a program note on one composer/arranger is due by the end of that term's classes)!

When do I audition for the marching band?
We do not hold auditions for Marching Band & Color Guard. Any Moravian College student may participate. If you play an instrument, great! If not, we will teach you to play percussion or to work with the color guard.

I am afraid about making the transition from high school to college. Would being in the band hurt my grades? Should I wait a year?
You should absolutely NOT wait a year! Research shows that student grades improve by staying in music. Often, students who chose to wait do not get back into it, and are sorry later. As a matter of fact, being in the band gives you instant access to a larger assortment of people who can help you with your studies! We also expect that first-year band members will have an easier time making the transition into college life since they will be on campus a week before everyone else.

I'm a commuter. How does that work?
To park in the Church Street parking lot, commuters will receive a Moravian College Band Camp parking permit at check-in. For the fall, you'll receive instructions on how to obtain your semester hang tag from Campus Safety. BTW commuters will be fed the same as residents during Band Camp!

What does it cost?
Mainly hard work, maximum effort, total involvement, and enthusiasm for excellence. Attendance at the Band Camps is required. The Greyhound Marching Band will pick up the tab for your food. We will provide you with a uniform, band shirts, music, and an instrument if you need one. The only items that you must purchase or own are black Dinkles Vanguard shoes, black socks, and Khaki shorts. The Dinkles marching band shoes may be ordered through the band for $31. See the uniform Web page for sizing details. However, the Color Guard will wear unique uniforms - CG members will be contacted separately.

What is the attendance policy?
Marching band is a credit-bearing semester-long course (and your peers will grow to depend on you), attendance at Band Camp and all home football games, parades, and rehearsals until the end of the season is required.

When is the marching band season?
Marching band season begins with the Band Camp and extends through the end of the football season, generally mid-November. Depending on funding, there is always the possibility of a post-season play-off game.

What should I bring?
This is always an important question, especially for first-year students. Do not fret, here is a list of what you need:

  • All of your things for the fall term.
  • Alarm clock. Can't be late to morning practice!
  • Mixed warm/cold weather clothes. We'll be in both sun and air conditioning.
  • Poncho. It might rain.
  • Sunscreen. Clouds or not, without it, you WILL get burned.
  • Good pair of sneakers! (ABSOLUTELY NO SANDALS!!!)
  • Water bottle
  • Long underwear - there may be one REALLY cold game!
  • Your instrument. Just a friendly reminder...
  • Pencils.
  • Khaki shorts! See the uniform Web page
  • Camera. (Optional, to immortalize those Facebook moments!)
  • iPad if you want to use it for the drill (otherwise printed copies will be available)
  • A smile is REQUIRED. You will love camp!

What about moving into the dorms?
Resident band and color guard students arriving for Band Camp should check in between 1 and 4 pm Sunday a week before classes at Foy Concert Hall on the Hurd (south) Campus. Resident students will sign out their dorm keys. Commuters should check in by 4 pm. Everyone will receive copies of the Moravian College Student Handbook supplement, the Band Camp Schedule, and locker assignments and combinations. (Yes, color guard, you, too!)

Where can my family find this information when I'm at Moravian College?
Point your WWW browsers to: http://home.moravian.edu/public/music/instrumental/band/index.htm

Who can I can I contact about Band Camp?
James Barnes, Director: 610-861-1672
e-mail: barnesj@moravian.edu
Band Office phone numbers
610-861-1650 (Music Dept voice)
610-861-1657 (Music Dept FAX)

I'm on the residence staff, A student advisor, or orientation leader - and we have training during Band Camp.
You are employees at Moravian. Working this kind of a job while attending classes demands you have very good time management skills. Since much of Band Camp and Staff Training week coincide; RAs, SAs, and OLs will only be able to attend rehearsals on their off-time from Staff training. On Friday and Saturday, you will be giving first-year students a big Moravian College "Welcome." Consequently you will miss a good deal of the drill and music rehearsals. But because of the high standards required for Staffers, we expect you to catch up with the rest of the ensemble during the Labor Day Weekend Mini-Band Camp.

I work during rehearsals and Saturdays. What can I do?
We know it's tough to try to change your work schedule. But start working on it NOW. Moravian's faculty and staff will be alerted to the Marching schedule for all on-campus work-study students. Your task is to make sure your job avoids Marching conflicts. Talk to us. We're very approachable. That is probably one of the reasons you're attending Moravian! Remember, we need to know your fall conflicts by Band Camp!

Can my significant other sit with us in the stands?
When the band sits at the end zone, we cannot bring friends into the area. Also remember they will not have the same bond with the ensemble that you will. However, why not ask them if they would be helpers for the game day rehearsal and game, like help move the pit percussion on and off the field? Otherwise, you could always wait until after the game to meet them and plan a "special" dinner or date just with them.

Do I need anything from last year?
Just your unform parts (see the uniform Web page) and a good attitude.

I need to leave early from the game OR have a conflict. what should I do?
Please plan ahead and let us know about the conflict, as soon as possible! Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances; but we understand there can be instances that would be professionally beneficial to you (and Moravian) or personnally important. Since we have to make special plans in these instances, you must send notice about your conflict to Mr. Barnes. Remember, we need to know your fall conflicts by Band Camp - emergencies, we'll deal with.

What about eating food while in uniform?
You are responsible for your uniform until the end of the season. We will clean all of the uniforms after they are turned in at the end of the season. Please alert a Section Leader if you spill food on your uniform and need a "Tide stick" (you will be responsible for any additionally needed cleaning - do NOT dry clean the silver sash!). The usual schedule (except for Homecoming) for a game day is this: 8:30 AM crew loads the truck at Foy; 10:00 AM rehearse at Calvo Field; 11 AM walk to lunch; and 12:30 PM return to Calvo Field for 12:40 PM Pregame and the 1 PM game. Although we stay for the entire game, we do have the 3rd quarter off. We generally play some post-game music.

I'm also in Women's Chorus on Tuesdays. What should I do?
The Greyhound Marching Band does not have conflicts with other ensemble rehearsal times! Those with night classes will have time to eat and get to class (Mr. B knows it works because he taught one of those 6:30 PM classes!)

I'm confused. Who's "required" to be in Marching Band?
Here goes! Required: All BM Music Education wind and percussion majors; all BA wind and percussion majors; all BM Performance (Jazz) wind and percussion majors. Vocal BM Music Education majors must take two terms of a large instrumental ensemble, one of which must be the Greyhound Marching Band. The best information source is a music advisor.

Do I still have an instrument locker?
We try to keep locker assignments the same. But given the numbers of performers in all the ensembles, we may have to re-assign you. Don't worry, we'll give you warning. We'll have all the numbers and combinations at Band Camp check in.


[updated May 5, 2015]