Jazz Classes

Jazz Musicianship

Students will learn to aurally identify musical elements of jazz music including:

  • seventh chord (major, minor, dominant, half-diminished, fully-diminished)
  • common jazz substitutions
  • turnarounds using substitutions
  • breakdown of jazz tunes into categories using common progressions (i.e. Rhythm changes)

Jazz Improvisation I & II

Jazz improvisation will cover the different methods and approaches of improvisation. The class will enable the student to develop his own improvisational style. The student will:

  • study the improvisational style of great jazz artists
  • expand their repertoire of jazz tunes
  • learn new improvisational approaches to chord changes

Jazz Piano Skills

This class will help the student to learn basic piano skills in order that the student can:

  • accompany another jazz musician
  • learn basic chord voicings
  • facilitate the student's understanding of theory and improvisation through the piano

Jazz History

This class gives the student a perspective of jazz through its history. The student will:

  • know of the different eras and artists of jazz
  • be able to identify different historical styles (i.e. bebop, cool, swing, fusion)
  • identify major artists by their sound

Jazz Theory and Arranging

Jazz theory and arranging facilitates the student's ability to notate, arrange and compose jazz. The student will:

  • analyze jazz compositions and arrangements
  • complete written arranging and composition exercises
  • arrange and/or compose original jazz scores