2005-2006 Repertoire

Moravian College-Community Orchestra

Friday, november 11, 2005 - MCCO, Gregory Oaten, tenor, Col Jesse Deets, Maj Scott Dillman, and the Color Guard from the 228th Forward Support Battalion, 28th Infantry, 2nd Brigade, Bethlehem, PA

Veteran's Day Concert for the Family Readiness Group, Company B, 228th, Bethlthem, PA

The Star Spangled Banner - John Stafford Smith/Francis Scott Key/Paul Breiner

The Pledge of Allegiance - Alfred Reed

Remarks - Maj. Scott Dillman, Executive Officer, 228th Rear Detachment

You're a Grand Old Flag - George M. Cohan/Steven Rosenhaus

Hymn to the Fallen - John Williams

This is My Country - Don Raye & Al Jacobs/Roy Ringwald/Hawley Ades

Star Spangled Spectacular - George M. Cohan

Thine Alabaster Cities Gleam - Jerry Brubaker

Remarks - Colonel Jesse Deets, Commander, 28th Division Support Command

Summon the Heroes - John Williams/Calvin Custer

Band of Brothers - Michael Kamen/Roy Phillipe

Remarks - Rhonda Celoso, President, B Company FRG

'Round Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon - George Norton/Steven Rosenhaus

I Guard America - James Rogers

God Bless America - Irving Berlin/Roy Ringwald

March - 213th Coast Artillery Penna. N.G. - Walter D. Larrimer

James E. Barnes, Director, MCCO


Saturday & Sunday, March 25 & 26, 2006 - MCCO & Choir

The Fairy Queen - Henry Purcell

James E. Barnes, Director, MCCO
Paula Ring Zerkle, Director, Moravian College Choir