Basketball Pep Band

Calling all Pep Band-ers!

Show your Moravian pride by joining the Moravian College Basketball Pep Band. Help support our teams, your fellow students! If you need an instrument, we have loaners. Pep Band plays before the game, the time outs, and at half time. We play contemporary arrangements, school songs, and up-to-date pep tunes.

  • Rehearsals: Rehearsals begin one week before the first home game.

Get credit where credit is due!

Any combination of 4 terms of any major ensemble (College Choir, Marching Band, Chamber Symphony, Women's Chorus, Wind Ensemble, or Pep Band) will get you .5 units toward graduation. You will receive a full unit for 6 terms of any combination of major ensembles. The Music Department keeps track of your participation!

Since the basketball season begins the second half of the fall term and ends the first half of the second, one term of Basketball Pep Band is defined as any combination of any two halves.

Contact information

James Barnes, Director of Instrumental Music
Moravian College
1200 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
610-861-1672 (voice)

Band Office numbers
610-861-1637 (voice)
610-861-1657 (FAX)