Dr. Carol J. Moeller
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Email: moellerc@moravian.edu

Education: B.A., Oberlin College M.A., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Interests: Ethics, philosophy of gender, race and cultural studies

Curriculum Vitae
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Recent Publications:

“Minoritized Thought: Open Questions of Latino/a and Latin-American Identities,” American Philosophical Association, Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy, forthcoming, Spring 2009.

“Interdisciplinarity and Challenges to Received Traditions,” Proceedings of Moravian College Learning in Common Faculty Workshop, (in house publication), May 2006. 

“Thoughts on Academic Rigor and Pedagogy,” Proceedings of Moravian College Learning in Common Faculty Workshop, (in house publication), May 2005. 

“Moral Responsiveness in Pediatric Research Ethics,” The American Journal of Bioethics, Fall 2003, Volume 3, Number 4, W1-W3.                

“Marginalized Voices: Challenging Dominant Privilege in Higher Education,” in Theorizing

Backlash: Philosophical Reflections on the Backlash Against Feminism, edited by Ann Cudd and Anita Supersons, 2002, Book Series: Studies in Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, Series edited by James P. Sterba, Rowman and Littlefield.

“Realism and Identity: Rethinking the Categories of our Lives,” Cultural Logic,
Volume 4, Number 2, Spring 2001). (available online at http://clogic.eserver.org/4-2/moeller.html)

“Reframing Family Values: Leigh Kane’s Next of Kin Projects,” Invited program essay for Temple University Gallery, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, June 2 – August 5, 2000. 

"Transforming 'The Master's Tools': Teaching and Studying Philosophy in Graduate School," in Degrees of Freedom, Beth Mintz and Esther Rothblum (editors), Routledge, 1997.


120 Introduction to Philosophy
222 Ethics
247 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy
255 Social and Political Philosophy
257 Bio-Ethics and Social Justice
265 Feminist Philosophy
267 West African Philosophy: Akan Ethics
271 Race, Gender, Identity, and Moral Knowledge
323 Tibetan Buddhist Thought


Email: moellerc@moravian.edu
Telephone: 610 861-7881
Location: Comenius Room 110