Philosophy Undergraduate Conference 2010

Moravian College Undergraduate Conference


All rooms located in Haupert Union Building (HUB)

8:15-8:45 Registration in the HUB Lounge

8:45-9:00 Welcome and Announcements

The Snyder Room, HUB
Dr. Jim Skalnik

9:00-10:10 Panel 1: Metaphors and Epistemology 

The Snyder Room, HUB
Chair: Dr. Cantens

                -Melanie Peternel, (Marywood University) Three Interpretations of Metaphor: A Comparison of Theories Presented by Black, Davidson, and Walton
-Katie Makoski (Moravian College) St. Thomas Aquinas on the use of Metaphor in Scripture
- Joshua D. Steinberg (Kutztown University) Truth or Incoherence

10:15-11:25 Panel 2: Ethics

The Snyder Room, HUB
Chair Dr. Naraghi

 - Monica Perone (Moravian College) College Hard Determinism Prevails, Compatible With Moral Responsibility
- Grace Morrissey (Marywood University) Are You Necessarily Irrational If You Are Not Motivated by Your Own Normative Claims?
- Connor Stone (Moravian College) A Critique of Peter Abelard’s Ethics

11:30-12:35 Panel 3: Philosophy of Religion

The Snyder Room, HUB
Chair Dr. Harold Weiss

- Colton Carlisle (Northampton Community College) Arguing God's Existence Via Monadology
- Meagan Ackerman (Northampton Community College) The Tao of Pooh
-Kelsey Oliva (Muhlenberg College) Religion: To Question or Not to Question

12:45-1:45 Lunch (The Pavilion, HUB)

1:45-2:00 Department Awards (Snyder Room, HUB)

2:00-3:00 Plenary Talk
Snyder Room

Evolution is a Fact because it is the Best Theory

Dr. Ted Schick, Muhlenberg College

3:10-4:30 Panel 4 (A): Ancient Philosophy

The UBC Room, HUB
Chair: Dr. Falla

-Andrew Edward (Nyack College) Elementary: The Epistle to the Hebrews and Plato
- Michael Vazquez (Villanova University) Re-thinking ‘Cause’: A Logic of the Eidos
- Edwina Picon (Johns Hopkins University) Are American Relativism, Objectivity, and Pragmatism Related to Ancient Greek  Philosophy?

3:10-4:30 Panel 4 (B): On the Existence of God
The Snyder Room, HUB
Chair: Katie Makoski

-William Kelly (Temple University) Unintelligent Design: Why God Probably Doesn’t Exist
-Tom DePietro (University of Delaware) Does Early Universe Cosmology Render God Unnecessary?
-Steven Deemer (Northampton Community College) Swap God for a Janitor Rot in a Jar of Dog Paws
-Christian Lusareta (Northampton Community College) A Critique of Descartes’ Ontological Argument

4:35-5:55 Panel 5: Applied Ethics and Emotion

The UBC Room, HUB
Chair: Dr. Moeller

- Benjamin Croll (Muhlenberg College) A Conflict of Interests: Understanding Duty, Obligation, and Benevolence in Healthcare
- Katherine Passmore (Northampton Community College) Depression: Artistic Enhancement or a Disease?
-Jessa Wood (Bloomsburg University) An Examination of Disgust and its Relation to Morality
-Jeta Mulaj, (Villanova University) Democracy Promotion as a Political Project Rethinking Democracy as Non-Governmental

4:35-5:55 Panel 5 (B): Philosophy of Leibniz
The Snyder Room, HUB
Chair: Connor Stone

-Joshua Maskornick (Northampton Community College) Analyzing Leibniz and his Reasoning for God
-Leon Manuel (Northampton Community College) Leibniz’s Matrix
-Andrew Beal (Northampton Community College) Leibniz' Arguments for the Existence of God in the Monadology


5:55 Closing Remarks


Program Coordinators: Monica Perone 2016, Brian Welsko 2014, Connor Stone 2014, Katie Makoski 2014, Kasey Smith 2014, and Zachery Molchany 2016



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