Welcome to the Moravian Department of Philosophy!


The Department of Philosophy provides students, through a wide variety of courses and programs, with opportunities to explore questions of fundamental significance to human life and to develop skills in critical thinking, reasoning, writing and reading. Students will explore issues such as what is justice? How should we live? What is valuable? Can God exist given the existence of evil in the world? What is the relationship between faith and reason? What is reality? What can we know? How do we know that we know? What meaning is there to life? What is race? What is ethnicity? What acts are right and wrong? What is truth?

Through training students to think, discuss, and write cogently on matters of fundamental significance, the department provides students with an intellectual foundation from which to examine their own beliefs, academic interests, and personal concerns. The philosophy program enriches students' academic experience by providing a variety of intellectually challenging extracurricular activities such as undergraduate research; honors program; participation in the prestigious philosophy honor society, Phi Sigma Tau; philosophy club; intercollegiate debate team (Ethics Bowl); writing work shops; and departmental Lecture Series.

Philosophy Majors

  1. Elainea Horan (Philosophy)
  2. Zachary Molchany (Philosophy)
  3. Lowell Perkins (Philosophy)
  4. Monick Perone (Philosophy)
  5. Abagael Woleschok (Philosophy)
  6. Sakura Bolte (Philosophy Minor)
  7. Nosherwan Hamid (Philosophy Minor)
  8. Zachary Arcona (Ethics Minor)
  9. Lily DiMattia (Ethics Minor)
  10. Matthew Hosty (Ethics Minor)
  11. Laura Hunter (Ethics Minor)
  12. Audrey McSain (Ethics Minor)
  13. Gisselle Mojica-Benitez (Ethics Minor)
  14. Kaitlin Raseley (Ethics Minor)
  15. Conor Wilson (Ethics Minor)
  16. Shardee Wright (Ethics Minor)


Academic Year 2015-2016

Spring 2016 Term Course Offerings

Moravian College Registration Information: http://home.moravian.edu/public/regis/registration.html

PHIL 120 PM Introduction to Philosophy (M3) (M 6:30-9:30) Niemoczynski
PHIL 192 ST: Introduction to Ethics of Abortion (M3) (TR 8:55-10:05) Cantens
PHIL 241 Ancient Philosophy (M3) (MW 10:20-11:30) Niemoczynski
PHIL 255 Social Political Philosophy (M5) (TR 1:10-2:20) Moeller
PHIL 259 PM Medical Ethics (U1) (W 6:30-9:30) Falla
PHIL 261 Islamic Philosophy (M5) (TR 1:10-2:20) Naraghi
PHIL 267 West African Philosophy (U2) (TR 10:20-11:30) Moeller
PHIL 294 ST: What is Peace? (M3) (TR 10:20-11:30) Cantens
PHIL 297 ST: Existential Philosophy (M3) (MW 11:45-12:55) Niemoczynski
PHIL 323 Tibetan Buddhist Thought (M5) (TR 2:35-3:45) Moeller
PHIL 351 Epistemology (TR 2:35-3:45) Naraghi
PHIL 355 OL Meta-Ethics Online Cantens
PHIL 386 Internship
PHIL 401 Honors Project

Additional courses offered through The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction)
The following courses will transfer in as Philosophy elective courses. Please make note of course units.
Go online to register at:
REL 393 Indian Philosophy Online - Jeffery Long (Elizabethtown College) Elective - 1 course unit
PH 350 Morality and Freedom: Kant's Ethics and Kantian Ethics Online - Adam Potthast (Park University) Elective - 0.75 units
PHIL 494 Philosophy of War and Peace Online - Timothy Weldon (University of St. Francis) - Elective - 0.75 units




SPAIN - MAY 2016

Hybrid Session: May 26 - June 5, 2016

3-Week Session: May 26 - June 16, 2016

Costs $1,400 for hybrid session and $1,800 for 3-week session

Tuition $726 per course + Airfare

Go to: www.summerstudyinspain.org

For more information please click here!

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What is Peace?

A course at Moravian College sponsored by
National Endowment of the Humanities
Enduring Questions Program

Learn more



Moravian College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Moravian College is proud to present their fifth undergraduate philosophy conference. We invite undergraduate students to submit papers of general philosophical topics to be presented at the conference scheduled for March 29th, 2014 hosted at
Moravian College in Bethlehem PA.

View the conference website and register online.

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New Ethics Minor

The Department of Philosophy offers a new Minor in Ethics that consists of 5 course units. See the curriclum webpage for more details:




Winner of the 2015 Douglas Anderson Prize in Philosophy is Monick Perone! $200

Winner of the 2015 Fredrick McConnell Prize in Moral Philosophy is Zohal Khan! $200


Professor Fred McConnell





The Philosophy Club meets every Thursday from 11:30 till 1:00 and is held in the Air Products room. Any one interested in participating in stimulating philosophical discussions is welcome to join us!



Carol Moeller, Ph.D.

Dr. Moeller has the following articles forthcoming: “Minoritized Thought: Open Questions of Latino/a and Latin-American Identities,” American Philosophical Association, Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy, Fall 2009 and “Competing Conceptions of Self and World: Alcoff’s Visible Identities,” American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy, forthcoming, Fall 2009.

Dr. Moeller is currently working on “Knowing Bodies, Embodying Knowledge: Thinking Through Disabilities and Social Justice,” for inclusion in a book edited by Tobin Siebers; and on a manuscript, Learning from Minoritized Thought: Philosophies for Common Good

Arash Naraghi, Ph.D.

Dr. Naraghi is currently working on a book chapter entitled "Religion and Politics in Post-Revolotionary Iran" for Prospects of Democracy in Iran, eds. By Larry Diamond, Mike McFaul, and Abbad Milani (Stanford University Press); "The Ethics of Human Rights (a collectioin of articles), Negah-e no publishing, (forthcoming, Tehran, May 2009); "The Logic of Tragic Dilemmas"; " Human Virtues and Dielmmatic Situations"; "Contemporary Shiism and the Challenge of Human Rights"; and on a manuscrpt entitled An Introduction to Philosophy of Rights.

Dr. Naraghi has presented “Outlaw States and moral responsibilities of international community”, at a conference on “The Campaign to Fight Crimes Against Humanity in Ira”, Riverside Church, New York on September 26, 2009; “Two Arguments for Totalitarianism: The Iran Case”, at a Conference on “Berkeley in Solidarity with Iran”, UC Berkeley on October 22, 2009; "Toleration in Islam”, delivered at The Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California- Oakland on October 23, 2009; “The moral foundation of Humanitarian Intervention”, at a Conference on “Transition to Democracy in Iran”, University of Maryland, College Park on 10/31/09; and  “Ethics and Politics in Post-revolutionary Iran”, One hour TV interview with Voice of America(VOA) on October 17, 2009.

Bernie Cantens, Ph.D.

Dr. Cantens edited a special issue on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy, Fall 2009. The Newsletter can be accessed online at apanewsletter.org

 Dr. Cantens has publsihed “Ultimate Reality in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce: To Want To Learn The Truth” Ultimate Reality and Meaning, 29 (4) 2(2006): 229-243; “Forgiveness and it importance in Post-War Ethics” Journal of Religion, Disability and Health, 12 (3) (2008): 251-266; and “On the Metaphysics of Cultural Identity: A Darwinian Account” Latino Studies 7 (2) (2009): 167-196;“Comments on Jaime Nubiola’s “Charles Peirce and the Hispanic World” APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues: Special Topic on Hispanic and American Philosophy, Spring 200; “Dewey’s Pragmatism and Social-Political Philosophy: Comments on Rosa Mayorga’s  
     “Hispanic Philosophy, American Pragmatism, and Cuba” APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues: Special Topic on Hispanic and American Philosophy, Spring 2009; “Why Forgive: A Christian Response” Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 82 (2008): 217-228; “Francisco Suárez.” The History of Western Philosophy of Religion. Volume  3 Early Modern Philosophy. Edited by Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis. Durham: Acumen
      Publishing Limited, 2009, 75-87; "Francisco de Vitoria and Bartolome de las Casas on the Rights of the American Indians" Blackwell Companion to Latin American Philosophy; “Is Political Forgiveness Possible?” in Politics, Pluralism and Religion. Cambridge, England: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010; and “Suarez and the Existence of God” Interpreting Suarez. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming..