Philosophy Program

Becoming a Philosophy Major

The major in philosophy consists of nine course units, of which three are required, three are restricted electives, and three are general electives from among all philosophy courses. The required courses are Philosophy 120, 210, and 222. The restricted electives are two of the following four courses: Philosophy 241, 243, 245, and 247; and either Philosophy 351 or 353. One of the three general electives may come from a related program, subject to approval of the department chair.

Nine (9) Courses distributed as follows:

3 Required

PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 210 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 222 Ethics

2 Historical Courses

PHIL 241 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 243 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 245 Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 247 19th and 20th Century Philosophy

1 Course from the following

PHIL 351 Epistemology
PHIL 353 Metaphysics

3 Electives