Philosophy Program


Ethics Minor

A minor in ethics includes 5 course units, at least 3 of which must be taken at Moravian (or another LVAIC institution).  Philosophy 222, 224, and 355 are required.  In addition, students must choose 2 course units from among the list below; 1 relevant course from outside the department of philosophy or 1 special topics course may be included in the minor, with approval from the chair of philosophy:

A student with a major in philosophy may not minor in Ethics.

3 Required Courses

PHIL 222 Ethic
PHIL 224 Applied Ethics
PHIL 356 Meta-Ethics

2 Electives

Philosophy 226.2 and 227.2 Ethics Bowl
Philosophy 228 Sports Ethics 
Philosophy 250 Environmental Philosophy
Philosophy 251 Philosophy of Technology
Philosophy 255 Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy 257 Bio-Ethics and Social Justice
Philosophy 259 Medical Ethics
Philosophy 267 West African Philosophy: Akan Ethics
Philosophy 271 Race, Gender, Identity, and Moral Knowledge

(One relevant course can be from outside the department of philosophy with approval from the chair).


Philosophy Minor

The minor in philosophy consists of five course units in philosophy, of which three are restricted and two are electives. The restricted courses are one course from Philosophy 120, 210, and 222; one course from Philosophy 241, 243, 245, and 247; and either Philosophy 351 or 353.

1 Course from the following:

PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 210 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 222 Ethics

1 Historical Course:

PHIL 241 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 243 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 245 Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 247 19th and 20th Century Philosophy

1 Course from the following:

PHIL 351 Epistemology
PHIL 353 Metaphysics