Private Givings

Dear Alumnus or Friend:

As a graduate (or friend) of Moravian’s Philosophy Program, we know that you understand the importance of philosophy for a liberal arts education. What is special about Moravian College is its liberal arts mission “to develop in students of all backgrounds the capacity to learn, reflect, reason, communicate, and act with integrity as individuals and in association with others.” We at the Philosophy Department, strongly believe that no other discipline does this better than philosophy. The love of wisdom, the thirst for knowledge, understanding for its own sake, and the search for life’s ultimate meaning, are profound forms of reflection, which lie at the heart of a liberal arts education.

We also know that, as philosophers, you also understand the importance of critical thinking, clear communication skills, and good reasoning in today’s global, multi-media, and high-tech communication environment.  While many young people are overwhelmed with information and facts, many are undertrained in argumentative and analytical skills, skills needed to discern what facts are relevant and irrelevant, what arguments are valid and invalid, and what arguments are fallacious and why.

Finally, the importance of ethical thinking for the determination of values and virtues is a central part of philosophical research and a chief ingredient in developing individuals who can act with integrity and toward the common good of society.

In an effort to continue to fulfill the mission of the Moravian Philosophy Department, and to help improve our service and programs for our students, we ask your financial support and generosity to help enhance our on-going projects and programs.

Here are some important new developments that have taken place in the Moravian Philosophy Department during the 2015-2016 academic year.

  • Hired a new Chair, Dr. Arash Naraghi, beginning fall 2015;
  • Hired a new faculty member, Dr. Leon Niemoczynski, to start in fall 2015;
  • Modified and strengthened the requirements for the major and minor;
  • Moravian Debate Team and competed nationally in the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl;
  • Organized a vibrant and active Philosophy Club; and
  • Phi Sigma Tau, the international Honor Society for Philosophy, at Moravian College.

In the future we plan the following:

  • To develop a new Program on Global Ethics and Diversity Studies;
  • To enhance our Student Philosophy Club;
  • To develop a Philosophy Prize for Moravian Philosophy Students; and
  • To start a Moravian Philosopher’s Club, a community (students, faculty, alumni and friends) interested in philosophical issues and discussions.


Arash Naraghi, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Chair

If you are a Moravian philosophy alumni or a friend of philosophy at Moravian, we invite your to become a member of The Moravian Philosopher's Club by filling out the form below and contributing any amount that meets your budget. For the funds to reach us, please be certain to make donations payable to the Philosophy Department:


Department of Philosophy

I/we would like to support the Moravian Philosopher’s Club as

___ Moravian’s Circle               $100,000+
___ 1741 Circle                         $50,000+
___ Chairman’s Circle               $25,000+
___ Trustee Circle                     $10,000+
___ President’s Associates        $5,000+
___ Heritage Club                     $2,500+
___ Third Century Club            $1,000+
___ Monocacy Club                  $500+
___ Founders’ Club                   $250+
___ Colonial Club                     $150+
___ Greyhound Club                  up to $149

Membership extends through June 30, 2016 (except for lifetime members).

Name _________________________________

Address ________________________________
Phone (day) ___________ (evening) _______________ (cell) _______________
E-mail __________________________

My contribution of $ ____________ is

___ enclosed (Please make checks payable to Moravian Philosophy Department)
___ a pledge payable by December 1, 2015
___ to be charged to my credit card

      Credit card company __________________________
      Number ___________________________
      Expiration date ______________________
      Signature __________________________

___ I would like to discuss planned giving opportunities in support of Moravian Philosophy Department.

You may also make an on-line gift by visiting the Moravian website and following the "Giving to Moravian" link. For the funds to reach us, please be certain to make donations payable to the Philosophy Department:

Mail to:

Office of Development
1200 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018-6650