The Philosophy Department considers undergraduate advising to be an essential part of providing students an excellent Liberal Arts education at Moravian College. Advising can be an important guide for students in sorting out the various possibilities and opportunities that they encounter in College, particularly during the first two years. It is important that students receive the right information concerning courses and schedules, tailored to their specific needs and interests. In addition to specific course and program selections, advising can help students find their way into post graduate work or graduate school.



  1. Anthony Agro (ethics minor)
  2. Zach Arcona (ethics minor)
  3. Lisha Baurkot (ethics minor)
  4. Kevin Brennan (philosophy minor)
  5. Kristian Cantens 
  6. Genevieve Chaleff (ethics minor)
  7. Francis DeFelice (philosophy minor)
  8. Justin Dilts (philosophy minor)
  9. Rebecca Eisenstein (ethics minor)
  10. Carl Feldman
  11. Michael Giacoumopoulos
  12. Julian Gonzalez
  13. Brianna Hawk (philosophy minor)
  14. Sam Keenan (philosophy minor)
  15. Jennifer Kober (philosophy minor)
  16. Colton Krial
  17. Catherine Makoski
  18. Tim McCabe
  19. Audrey McSain (ethics minor)
  20. Kathryn Miller
  21. Hussain Namous
  22. Lawrence Olejar
  23. Joel Labriola ( philosophy minor)
  24. Anthony Perez-Florido (philosophy minor)
  25. Justin Pilchman (ethics minor)
  26. Jose Ortiz (philosophy minor)
  27. Jonathan Raccah (philosophy minor)
  28. Zachary Richard (philosophy minor)
  29. Sam Salvati (ethics minor) 
  30. Anna Santa Maria (philosophy minor)
  31. Kasey Smith
  32. Connor Stone
  33. Brielle Sutter  (ethics minor)
  34. Andrew van der Kleut (ethics minor)
  35. Brian Welsko
  36. Cindy Wise
  37. Katherine Wojcik
  38. Madison Zebrine
  39. Travis Zerba (minor)