The Douglas Anderson Prize

The Douglas Anderson Prize in Philosophy is a $200 prize awarded to a graduating Philosophy major(s) who, in the judgment of the Department of Philosophy, has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the study of philosophy and outstanding service and leadership within the Department of Philosophy.


Doug Anderson is a graduate of Moravian College, Honors, (1980). He earned his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. He studies the history of philosophy and American philosophy, and is interested in philosophy's relationship to other dimensions of culture. Therefore, his work covers a range of fields from philosophy of science and religion to philosophy of sport, music, and education. Authors of particular interest to him at present include Thoreau, bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldúa , Plato, and Henry Bugbee . His traditional work in American philosophy focuses on Charles Peirce and the history of pragmatism.He is the author of Creativity and the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce, 1987; Strands of System:  The Philosophy of Charles Peirce, Purdue University Press, 1995; Philosophy Americana:  Essays in American Philosophy and Culture, 2006; Conversations on Peirce, co-authored with Carl Hausman, and Philosophy in Experience: American Philosophy in Transition, co-edited with Richard Hart.



2015 Zohal Khan

2014 Connor Stone

2013 Madison Zebrine

2012 Armando Chapelliquen

2011 Ruby Johnson

2010 Maggie Riegel Meredith Kluk