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Summer 2016

HYBRID SESSION: May 26 - June 5, 2016
MGMT 290 Good Business: Sport and Culture in Spain (M5)
Professor Katie Desiderio

$1,400 for Hybrid Session, Tuition $726 per course

3-WEEK COURSE: May 26 - June 16, 2016
PHIL 290 Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Medieval Spain (M5)
PHIL 222 Ethics (M3)
Professor Bernie Cantens


$1,800 for 3-Week Session, Tuition $726 per course

Tuition, Room and Board, Transportation and Excursion. AIRFARE NOT INCLUDED.

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You may combine courses from both sessions!





Bernie Cantens, Ph.D. (Philosophy)
Telephone: (610) 861-1589



Schedule of Classes:

PHIL 222 Ethics (M3) MTWR

PHIL 290 Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Medieval Spain (M5) MTWR

There will be one excursion to Sevilla and Grananda

Program Cost + Tuition Costs

Program Cost (Room, Board, Transportation and Excursions) $1,800

Transportation (comfortable air conditioned buses)
Full room and board for 2 weeks in the city of Cordoba

Full-day guided excursion and transportation to the beautiful, medieval city of Sevilla
Guided excursion and transportation to Medina Azahara (Arabic Medieval City)
Guided excursion and transportation to the Mosque in Cordoba
All entrance fees to museums, palaces, mosque, and cathedral.

Make check payable to Moravian College and send payment Katicia Rothrock in the Cashier at the BURSAR'S OFFICE in Colonial Hall Room 106.

Tuition Cost $ 726 per course

Technology Fee $ 45

Tuition payment should be made payable to Moravian College.

Total Costs: $ 2,571* *Airfare not included

You can either buy the airfare on your own or we can buy it for you. If you would like for us to buy your airfare you need to send a check to the Bursar's office made out to Moravian College.

Refunds only if the courses are cancelled.