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What is SPS? ( from )

"The Society of Physics Students is a professional association explicitly designed for students. Membership, through collegiate chapters, is open to anyone interested in physics. The only requirement for membership is that you be interested in physics. Besides physics majors, our members include majors in chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics, medicine, and other fields.

Within SPS is housed Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society, which elects members on the basis of outstanding academic achievement.  This unique two-in-one society operates within the American Institute of Physics, an umbrella organization for ten other professional science societies."

The Moravian College chapter of SPS meets biweekly in the physics periodical room. Meetings take place Thursdays from 11:30am to about noon. All students interested in physics, mathematics, and earth science are welcome! The Moravian College chapter of SPS also sponsors physics-related talks that are open to the entire moravian community. To get involved, email President Andrew Watsonat


Current Officers: (2011 - 2012 School Year)

President - Andrew Watson, '12
Vice President - Irene Zawisza, '13
Secretary - Kristin Hannings, '12
Treasurer - Cassie Phillips, '12
Outreach - Cory Creen, '14


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