Professor of Political Science

Education: B.A., Concordia College; M.A., University of South Dakota; Ph.D., University of Colorado

Interests: International political economy, labor politics, U.S. foreign policy in the Third World. His books include Empathy Imperiled, How the World Works, U.S. Foreign Policy and the Third World Peasant, and The Other Europe. Dr. Olson has received Fulbright awards to Egypt, Jordan, Finland, Israel, and Mexico and was a Malone Fellow in Kuwait and Syria.


Professor of Political Science; Chair of the Department of Political Science

Education: B.A., Lehigh University; Ph.D., Rutgers University

Interests: The formulation and implementation of public policy, interest group advocacy, politics and popular culture, diversity issues, and the political and economic implications of Internet technology. Dr. Reynolds is the director of the Promise of the Rainbow Diversity Initiative, vice chairperson of the Children’s Coalition of the Lehigh Valley, and program chair for the Bethlehem Area Education Foundation.


Associate Professor of Political Science

Education: B.A., Reed College; M.A., McGill University; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Interests: Politics of time and temporality, Hannah Arendt, political action, fear, feminist theory, women's studies, and, in particular, the politics of women's health. Dr. Haddad teaches a writing-intensive course on visionary political writing and is affiliated with German Studies and Women's Studies.

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Education: B.A.,Meiji-Gakuin University, Tokyo; M.A., University of Southern California; Ph.D., University of Southern California

Chinese Politics (Policy making process, issue framing, elite conflict, ideological change, economic development, state and the market). Comparative Politics (Asian/East Asian Politics, politics of the Third World/developing nations, political economy, communist/post-communist transitions, authoritarian resilience). International Relations (Globalization, international political economy, international relations in the Asia Pacific, Chinese/Japanese foreign policy, US-China relations). Political Theory/History (Asian political thought/religions, China/Japan history). Research Methods (Content analysis, regression analysis, survey research methods).

Visiting Instructor of Political Science

Education: B.A., Moravian College; M.S., Lehigh University; Ph.D., Rutgers University

Politics in the countries of the South with a special focus on the Middle East region, social movements, globalization and development, war and peace, U.S. Foreign policy, and politics of dissent. Professor Farbod has been serving on the steering committee of the Alliance for Sustainable Communities -- Lehigh Valley since 2012. He is also the founder of a local group called Beyond Capitalism Working Group (since 2013). The latter is a sub-group of the Alliance. His articles have appeared on online sites such as Commondreams, MRZine, etc. My areas of interest are

Jean-Pierre Lalande

Faculty Associate of Political Science

Education: B.A.,
Licence ès Lettres, Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines; M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa

Interests: Contemporary European Politics, and Urban Modernization in the Global Age. His recent research has focused on the politics of the European Union and on the history and politics of Paris. Dr. Lalande regularly attends conferences and has lectured on a variety of topics relating to French and European politics.