Academic & Disability Support Office

Charge to the Presidential Search Committee

from the MORAVIAN COLLEGE Joint Board of Trustees

We appreciate the presidential search committee’s willingness to undertake the important work that will lead to the appointment of the next president of MORAVIAN COLLEGE. The following charge outlines the Board’s expectations with respect to the search process and the authority granted to the search committee:

  1. The search committee will develop a statement of desired presidential qualifications that will guide the search and selection process and be shared with candidates and nomination sources.
  2. The search committee will adopt a timetable for the search that will permit the appointment of a president no later than April 1, 2013.
  3. The search committee will conduct an active national search to attract highly qualified candidates.
  4. The search committee will make periodic reports to the board of trustees and members of the college community about the progress of the search.
  5. The search committee will observe strict confidentiality in the conduct of the search. Any member of the search committee who breaches confidentiality may be removed from the committee without replacement.
  6. The search committee will bring the name(s) of one or more finalist candidates to the joint board of trustees, which retains the right to select and appoint the president.


Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth
Chair, Joint Board of Trustees