Program Description:

The program presents psychology as an established body of knowledge that focuses on both human and animal behavior, as a discipline that generates information and discovery by using methods of inquiry employed by the natural and social sciences, and as a field of professional activity that is variously applied to promote human welfare.

The curriculum includes a wide range of courses intended to contribute to the program of liberal study for students, whatever their fields of concentration, and offers a broad base of prerequisite knowledge at the introductory and intermediate levels for those who declare psychology as a major. Beyond this, students may further define their educational and career objectives by completing courses at the advanced level. There are six ways to attain these objectives in psychology. A student may take the B.A. in psychology by satisfying the requirements of one of five tracks: clinical-counseling, industrial/organizational, social-developmental, individually designed, or experimental/cognitive. A sixth option is to take a B.S. in experimental/cognitive psychology.

Many courses offer a laboratory or experiential component, including field and observational studies, surveys, simulation and role-playing, and laboratory studies. A computer laboratory is available for research and data analysis. Also, there are opportunities to participate in field study programs, independent study projects, and, for the highly qualifies students, the Honors program.

Students are encouraged to present their research at one or both of two major annual conferences: the Lehigh Valley Undergraduate Psychology Conference or the Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Symposium, held in conjunction with meetings of the Eastern Psychological Association. In addition to an active Psychology Club, the department sponsors a chapter of Psi Chi, the national society in psychology, and a student chapter of S.H.R.M., the Society for Human Resource Management.


Policy on Academic Honesty

Moravian College expects its students to perform their academic work honestly and fairly. A Moravian student, moreover, should neither hinder nor unfairly assist the efforts of other students to complete their work successfully. This policy of academic integrity is the foundation on which learning at Moravian is built.

The College's expectations and the consequences of failure to meet those expectations are outlined in the current Student Handbook, available from the Office of Student Affairs, and in the statement on Academic Honesty at Moravian College, available from the Office of Academic Affairs. If a student, at any point in an academic career at Moravian, is uncertain about his or her responsibility as a scholar or about the propriety of a particular action, the instructor should be consulted.


Moravian College, with Allentown College, Cedar Crest College, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, and Muhlenberg College, is a member of the Lehigh Valley association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC). One of the benefits of this association is the opportunity afforded students to take courses at one or more of the other member colleges at no additional tuition charge. Regulations for Moravian College students include the following:

  1. A regular, full-time day session student of Moravian College may enroll, at no additional tuition charge, for up to one course per Fall or Spring Term to a total of eight courses in eight terms, at any one of the LVAIC institutions provided:
    1. The student has completed the cross-registration form with the appropriate signatures of approval.
    2. The student cannot schedule the course at Moravian.
    3. The course does not produce an overload (i.e., more than four courses on his/her schedule for the term
  2. A course carrying three or more semester hours at a LVAIC institution will be accepted at Moravian as a full course when taken as one course of a normal three-or four-course term load. Note: courses taken in Summer sessions of otherinstitutions (whether LVAIC or otherwise) are transferred to Moravian on a fractional basis so that, e.g., a 3- semester hour course transfers to Moravian as.75 of one course.
  3. All grades earned in courses taken through cross-registration at LVAIC institutions, whether in regular or summer terms, are entered on the Moravian transcript and are computed in the Quality Point Average.
  4. Cross-registration forms and further information about procedures for taking courses at LVAIC institutions are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Supplemental LVAIC Cross-Registration Policy

The Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC) has extended to part-time degree candidates the opportunity to register on a cross-registration basis for courses offered by those member institutions with established programs for part-time day and evening students. A student enrolled as a degree candidate in one of these programs may transfer to the home institution both grades and credits earned in one of the cooperating colleges.

Cross-registration provides the opportunity to take courses not available at the home institution and thus eases the scheduling difficulties sometimes experienced by the working adult. A student may roster a maximum of two courses through cross-registration for each year of equivalent full-time study.

Students interested in learning more about this opportunity may contact the CGS office.