Information for 2017 Graduation Hometown News Release

The Office of Marketing and Communications issues news releases to hometown newspapers to share information about students’ academic achievements, participation in campus and community organizations, and special honors. The office will add information about those graduating with honors or receiving prizes at commencement. To insure that the news release is accurate and reaches the correct newspaper, please complete this form. The deadline is May 1, 2017.


Name (last, first, middle):
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Teaching Certification: Elementary Secondary
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Salutation: Mr. & Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Ms.
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(NOTE: The Morning Call does not publish graduation releases. Click here to see if you live in an area covered by the Lehigh Valley Press.)

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College Activities:

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Special Honors / Prizes:
Student Government & Affiliated Organizations:
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Future Plans (Graduate school, teaching position, employment.) Please list name & location of school or business only if you have a definite position or have been accepted for post-graduate study:

Note: Newspapers’ policies differ widely. Some use more information than others, and all reserve the right to be selective about what information gets published. A copy of the release is sent to parents as a courtesy.