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Program-to-Program Transfer Matrices: Biochemistry Major 4 Terms

To transfer to Moravian College as a Biochemistry major after 2 years / 4 terms (full-time) at NCC, we recommend the following courses:

Fall semester, 1st semester (NCC): (18 cr.)

Spring semester, 2nd semester (NCC): (18 cr.)

Fall semester, 3rd semester (NCC): (18 cr.)

Spring semester, 4th semester (NCC): (18 cr.)

Maximum transfer from NCC is 64 credits/16 course units

At Moravian College – Biochemistry Major

AT MORAVIAN – LINC courses not fulfilled at NCC = 5 courses among the M and U categories, excluding M2 (finished at NCC):

Fall semester, 5th semester: (4.5 units)

Spring semester, 6th semester: (4 units)

Fall semester, 7th semester: (4 units)

Spring semester, 8th semester: (3.5 or 4.5 units (depending on what is needed to complete degree requirements)

*These courses are interchangeable in terms of order, but both BIOL 365 and one of the major electives must be completed as part of the degree program.


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