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Program-to-Program Transfer Matrices: Biology Major 4 Terms

To transfer to Moravian College as a Biology major after 2 years / 4 terms (full-time) at NCC, we recommend the following courses:

Fall term, 1st year (NCC): (18 cr.)

Spring term, 1st year (NCC):  (18 cr.)

Fall term, 2nd year (NCC):  (14 cr.)

Spring term, 2nd year (NCC): (14 cr.)

Transfer to Moravian:  64 credits = 16 units (maximum allowed in transfer from any community college)

At Moravian College – Biology Major

(3 LinC requirements remain, plus 7 courses for the major)

Fall 3rd year:

Spring 3rd year:

Fall 4th year:

Spring 4th year:

Electives should include Math 107, for students who wish to take the MCATs, if this course is not taken at NCC.  Other elective courses are taken in consultation with the advisor.


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