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Moravian College Policies for Transferring Students from Warren County Community College

The Next Step to Your Future

You’ve begun a new venture, by starting your college career at Warren County Community College. Once you’ve mastered the first challenge at Warren County Community College, looking ahead to a four-year degree makes sense, since many careers today require a college degree. Many successful community college students have transferred to Moravian College and have continued to demonstrate a high level of achievement. Moravian welcomes these students. Wouldn't you like to join their ranks?

Moravian has worked with Warren County Community College to make certain your step toward the bachelor’s degree is easy and efficient. The two colleges have developed a transfer agreement—summarized on this website—that tells you which courses at Warren County Community College will transfer into your bachelor’s degree at Moravian. You can complete a four-year degree program during the day or evening.

Develop Your Own Degree Plan with this Brochure

If you want all of your coursework at Warren County Community College to count toward your four-year degree at Moravian, start planning now. Use this brochure to help guide you in course selection. Confer with an Warren County Community College transfer advisor. You may also contact advisors in the Moravian College Admissions Office (610 861-1320) or Comenius Center for Continuing, Professional, and Graduate Studies Office (610 861-1400) at Moravian College.


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