Course Reserves Policy

Purpose of Reserves:

To provide material to supplement course lectures and assignments. Articles, books, slides, audio/videocassettes, DVDs and other items may be put on reserve.

Process of Putting Items on Reserve:

Before approaching the Circulation Desk to put items on reserve, you must retrieve the item(s) from the stacks; staff can not do this. If you are putting photocopies of article(s) or chapter(s) from books on reserve, in order to be in compliance with copyright, you or your work study student must, in addition to the article or chapter, also photocopy the cover of the journal or both sides of the title page of the book. At the Circulation Desk, fill out one reserve form for each course and list all items for that course on the same form. Circulation staff members will be happy to assist you. Reserve forms are available at the Circulation Desk or online here (PDF).

The following information is necessary:

1. Date of request
2. Name of professor
3. Department and course number
4. Author and title of book, videocassette/DVD, article or other item (use the exact author/title as they appear in your syllabus or assignment)
5. Circulation category -- i.e., 2 hour - not to leave the library, 24 hours, or 3 days. (In rare instance, other circulation arrangements [such as "Due in 5 Days"] may be instituted to accommodate special needs.)

The material will be added to the course reserves list as soon as possible. Keep in mind that it may take several days for the materials to be input onto the computer, so plan ahead!

General restrictions on reserve materials include:

1. No library periodicals may be placed on reserve.
2. Under copyright laws only 1 copy of an article per 8 students in a class, up to a total of 5 copies, is permissible.
3. If you wish to place a personal copy of a book, journal, video, DVD or other item on reserve, we will place a security strip in it for the protection of the item. We will not, however, take responsibility for any missing items.

For copyright guidelines for reserve readings see:

• Guidelines for the Academic Use of Copyrighted Material
• Fair Use and Other Guidelines for Placing Copyrighted Material on Electronic Reserve

Both are available on our policies page under Resources & Information Use.