Guide to Searching ITER

  1. Go to Reeves Library home page.
  2. Mouse over Find Resources and click on Articles & Journals.
  3. Click on History.
  4. Choose Iter from the list of article databases.
  5. Click on Search a Database.
  6. Click on Iter Bibliography.
  7. Click on the grey Advanced Search button.
  8. Now you are ready to search the database:
  9. Change Any Field to Subject and type in your search term; fill as many search boxes as you need.

    Scroll down the screen to Language and choose English.

  10. Click the Search button.
  11. A list of records will appear. Click on Full Details to see all the subjects covered in the book or article.
  12. Mark any citations you want to print out so that you can find them in the library or request them from another library (see home page again)
  13. Click on the Kept button
  14. Print the list, using your browser’s print function or email the list to yourself.

For information about citing full-text articles found on online periodical databases for your works cited page: Go to the Library Home Page and click on Get Help on Citation Styles. Choose the first link to Research and Documentation Online.