Guide to Searching Sociological Abstracts

  1. Go to the Library Home Page.
  2. Mouse over Find Resourcesp
  3. Click on Articles & Journals
  4. In the pull-down menu, select Sociology.
  5. Choose Sociological Abstracts.
  6. Enter keywords in the text boxes
  7. To create a more precise search, click on the drop down menu containing the word "Anywhere" and choose "Descriptors." Descriptors are official words used by this database to describe topics covered in the database - the full list of descriptors can be found by clicking on Thesaurus near the bottom of the searching screen.
  8. Notice you can also search by author, title, etc., by selecting those terms in the "Anywhere" drop down menu.
  9. Limit your search to Journal Articles Only and English Only by clicking in the appropriate check boxes in the Limited to: section of the search page.
  10. Click on the Search button.
  11. When the list appears, click on the green Peer-Reviewed Journals menu button at the top of the list of articles. This will limit your search to just scholarly articles.
  12. To the right of each article description (known as an abstract), there is a list of Descriptors that describe the article. Check to see if there are any that you might want to use in another search to improve your results.
  13. You can mark article descriptions for printing or emailing to yourself by clicking on the box next to the article title in the list of articles. Then click on Save/Print/Email at the top of the result list. Choose the format you want and then email or click on Print Preview to print marked records. Note: If your browser blocks pop up windows, you cannot print preview!
  14. Getting the full article:
  15. At the end of each article description, you will see information about how to get the full text of an article. If you see:
    • Full Text Linking: click here to view the full text of the article in online format. Remember to print PDFs using the Adobe print button - not your browser print button.
    • Check if Reeves Owns this Title: click here to find out if Reeves library provides access to the article. You will be taken to the library's Journal Locator, which will display information about where you can find the article (either in the library's print holdings, downstairs in Reeves, or in full-text in an online database). If Reeves does not own a journal, you can borrow the article from another library by filling out the interlibrary loan form here.