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Test how savvy you are about searching the online catalog

1. You can do all except which one of the following with a keyword search:

Search for books on a particular subject
Search one of Reeves's collections
Find a list of books on reserve
Search for books by a particular author

Which one of the following searches would you do to find a particular essay in a book of essays?
Title keyword search
Alphabetical Browse search
General keyword search
Subject keyword search

3. Which search option would you choose to see a breakdown of the books Reeves owns on various aspects of the subject of terrorism?

Alphabetical Browse
General keyword
Reserves search
Subject keyword

4.To find a book about
As I Lay Dying, a novel by William Faulkner, which of the following searches would you do?

A Title Keyword search for As I Lay Dying

A Subject Keyword search for As I Lay Dying
An Author Browse search for Faulkner
A Subject Keyword search for Faulkner

Information in each record is divided into:


publication information

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