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For every book in the collection there is a record in the online catalog. Each record consists of fields that provide bits of information about the book. See the record below for the fields- Author, Publication information, Physical description of the book, etc.

In addition to the fields, the record also indicates which collection the book is in, (stacks, reference, children's, etc), the call number of the book, and whether or not it is checked in.

If you do an Author Keyword Search, the author field of each book in the collection will be scanned. If you do a Title Keyword Search, all the titles in the collection will be searched, etc.

Take a look at the Subjects field in the tan column on the left of the page. If you do a Subject Keyword Search the subjects field for all the books in the collection will be scanned for the search terms you have used. The subjects assigned a book are intended to indicate its content.
This book came up in response to a search for books on social justice. Notice that there are two other subjects. Each subject is a link to books with similar subject matter.

Click here for an explanation of the General Keyword Search

Tips for Smart Searching

If a search for books on a subject yields few results, check the subject field of the books that have come up to find additional books on the topic. Getting into the habit of scanning the subject headings of any book a search produces might pay big dividends.

Another term for subject headings is controlled vocabulary, the official language of a catalog or database. When you search using keywords, you are using terms that you have generated. Generally you start your search using keywords and then check the the subject headings (controlled vocabulary) of the records for books your search produces.

The records of books with a bibliography will have a bibliography field, so you can check it to see if the book has additional useful sources on your topic.

Finally, if a search yields few results, try searching using different keywords and keep checking the subjects field.

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