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Description - American Council on Science and Health

Coverage - In a column on the left of the first screen is a set of links to information about the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) and to information about the eight public health topics discussed on the site. For each topic there are Press Releases and Editorials, which are typically a few paragraphs long; Publications, which are quite substantial in length; and articles from Priorities for Health Magazine, whose length is somewhere in between. The site also has a keyword searching mechanism.

Currency - Dates are provided for all the essays. Some go back as far as 1993 while some are as recent as 2003.


Coverage - While all the material is written by healthcare professionals, the Publications are what make this site an especially valuable source. These are lengthy, peer-reviewed articles. It should be noted that all of the nine essays that came up on a keyword search for SARS appeared elsewhere on the site. So the keyword searching is simply another way to search the site rather that a mechanism for finding additional information on a topic.

Currency - Inasmuch as the material concerns public health, it is time sensitive. Users should draw on only the most recent articles or at least compare material in articles that go back farther than the late nineties with more recently published material on the same topics

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