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If the subject of a site is controversial, ask if it reflects a particular viewpoint or if it presents the viewpoint of all sides. If the former, determine whether the site is acceptable as advocacy by asking the following questions:

Is there adequate support for the point of view being expressed, and is the information on the site consistent with information on the subject in other reputable sources?

Are opposing points of view ignored, discounted, or misrepresented?

Does the author generalize, oversimplify, or appeal to emotion rather than reason? Is the language used provocative, inflammatory, or extreme?

Does the author appear to have an agenda or a fixed world view?

Look for the origin of the URL.Tracing the URL back to its parent institution might provide insight into the orientation of whoever is responsible for the site.

Warning: Be wary if you happen to share the opinion being expressed that you don't lose your own objectivity.

Try This

With the criteria for currency and objectivity in mind, check the following site to determine its reliability as a source. --- Eggs and Good Health

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