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Finding high-quality Web sources for academic papers

College-level research assignments usually require that students find academic sources. Such sources typically have at least some of the following characteristics:

**They are written by people with special expertise on the subject, such as academics.

**They have been meticulously researched and thought out.

**They have been reviewed by individuals who are also knowledgeable about the subject.

**They are written for an educated audience rather than for the man on the street.

**They are generally lengthy and substantive.

**They have bibliographies of additional sources on the topic and a profile of the author(s).

Finding these sources on the Web is particularly challenging because information on the Web is not evaluated before it is published, and nobody oversees this publishing medium. There is a great deal of high-quality material on the Web, and this section of the tutorial will describe strategies for finding it. Begin by searching the Web-based databases to which Moravian subscribes (see Section 5 of the tutorial to learn how to do this) because the material you'll find on databases has already been reviewed. Learn strategies for evaluating information on the free Web by clicking on next.

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