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Additional Strategies for finding good Web sites -

Specialized Directories

In addition to the large, commercial directories, there are small, specialized directories that are particularly helpful for academic research. These are collections of Web sites that have been evaluated and recommended by librarians and other professionals. They frequently include annotations and are available on the free Web.

Librarians' Index to the Internet is a subject guide to more than 8,500 Internet sites. Users can select a topic (or do a keyword search) and find sites judged useful to public library users. This directory is produced jointly by the University of California at Berkeley and the California State libraries.

Infomine points users to some of the most important scholarly resources available on the Internet. This directory is a product of the University of California and California State.


The Internet Public Library is produced by the University of Michigan School of Information. One of its goals is to serve Internet users by finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, and describing information sources.

is intended to make it easier to access free, high-quality online educational sources. It provides links to resources in all disciplines. Users can browse or do a keyword search.

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