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Newspapers, journals and magazines are called periodicals, (or serials) because they are published periodically at regular intervals-daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.
Go to books for a lengthy treatment of a topic; consult periodicals to focus on a specific aspect of the topic and get current information on it.



Audience: General public

Purpose: Reporting primarily with some analysis

Content: International, national, and local news; subjects of current interest, including popular culture; opinion pieces; photographs

Writers: Journalists primarily, with some material by specialists

Timeliness: Very current. News stories are reported within a day of their occurrence by daily papers.

Advantages: Newspapers are particularly useful for very current information or for information on a specific region - Allentown, for example.

Disadvantages: Most newspaper articles are fairly brief. Because of this and the fact that they are aimed at a general audience, they often lack depth. In addition, depending on the newspaper, articles might reflect some bias.

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