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?? Creating a Research Question ??

Once you've chosen a topic, turn it into a question so that your research will be a genuine inquiry. This question should not be one to which the answer is obvious. For example, the following question can be answered without doing research:

"Is smoking dangerous to your health?"

A better question:
Are smoking bans justified?

The following are examples of topics that have been converted into research questions:  

Topic: Home Schooling

Question: Is home schooling an effective alternative to conventional schooling?  

Topic: American Revolutionary War

Question: Why did the Americans, and not the British, win the Revolutionary War?               

Topic: College Admissions

Should the SATs no longer be a factor in college admissions?

Topic: Humor in Literature

Question: In what ways does Mark Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" embody the comic traditions of southwestern humor?

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