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Advanced Searching

In addition to a help screen with searching tips, many search engines offer a page with advanced searching options. The Advanced Searching option allows users to take full advantage of the capabilities that a search engine affords. The advanced search option in Google (and some other search engines) allows users to do Boolean, Phrase, and Field searching. For example, someone looking for information about the Los Angeles Bruins can ask that a search include all these words and can enter Boston in the box labeled without the words to eliminate sites about the Boston Bruins (see above).

In addition, users can do the equivalent of field searching by typing in a keyword(s) and in the box next to Occurrences specifying that the search terms appear in the site's title, text, or URL or in links to the page.

Moreover, users can further limit a search by language, format, date, and domain.

For example, type McGill University in the first box and ca in the Domain box
to get Canadian sites on McGill University

Refining a Search . Boolean Searching AND and OR. Boolean NOT/Truncation.
Phrase Searching/Capitalization
. Field Searching . Domain Restriction
. Advanced Searching

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