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Check Your Understanding of Web Searching Strategies
Run the mouse over your choice of the correct answer.

Which of the following will not result in a smaller set of results?

Doing phrase searching
Using truncation
Using domain restriction

Which of the following searches would you do to retrieve a particular part of a Web site?
Phrase searching
Field searching
Boolean searching

3. Which of the following would be the most effective search for information on productivity quality and outcomes?

productivity AND quality AND outcomes
"productivity quality outcomes"
"productivity quality" AND outcome*

4. If you want to find information about John Amos Comenius, Father of Modern Education, which of the following would be the most effective search?


John Amos Comenius
"John Amos Comenius"

Which of the following searches for chocolate chip cookie recipes will result in the greatest number of results ?

"chocolate chip cookie*"
AND recipes

chocolate chip cookie recipes
"chocolate chip cookie recipes"

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