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Field Searching

Field Searching allows users to specify the kind of site desired or the part of a Web site that should match the search term(s) entered.

Looking for a home page on the Black Death?

type Home page=title:Black Death

(Note that there is no space between title: and subject).

A typical Web page is divided into fields: title, domain, host (or site), URL, and link. Do you want pages primarily about civil defense? It's quite likely that the important words describing the subject you are researching will appear within its title. So try this strategy.

type title:"Civil Defense"

Note: In Google use allintitle:"Civil Defense"

In addition, you can limit your query to sites with a particular top-level domain. Click here to review top level domains.

type domain:edu AND "Adam Smith" AND "The Wealth of Nations"

If you want information that resides on a particular computer or server, you can do a host or site search. Get pages hosted by Moravian by typing the following:

If you are looking for a specific file, and that file is not part of the host site's URL, you may find it by doing a URL search. The following search will return sites in which the filename Reeves is incorporated into a URL.


If you have a Web page and you would like to know who is linking to it, or if you would like to see who is linking to a particular page of interest, you can do a link search. For example, you can retrieve pages with links to Moravian's Home page by typing the following:


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