Office of the Registrar

Courses Approved for LinC

(Last updated 02/14/11)

F1 Writing CCEN 100  Professional Communication (Comenius Center only)
  LINC 101 First-Year Writing Seminar (FYS)
  WRIT 10 Writing
F2 Quantitative Reasoning CSCI 105 Fundamental Ideas in Computer Science
  CSCI 120 Computer Science I
  CSCI 192 Mind, Brain, Machine: In Search of a Divide
  ECON 156 Economic and Business Statistics
  MATH 104 Quantitative Reasoning and Informed Citizenship
  MATH 106 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I with Review, Part I
  MATH 107 Elementary Statistics
  MATH 108 Functions and Derivatives with Applications
  MATH 109 Mathematics for Design
  MATH 125 Mathematics for Teaching
  MATH 170 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
  MATH 171 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
F3 Foreign Language FORL 100 Modern Elementary Arabic, Introductory French I, Introductory German I,
Introductory Spanish I
  FORL 105 Modern Elementary Arabic, Introductory French II, Introductory German II,
Introductory Spanish II
  FORL 110 Modern Introductory French III, Introductory German III, Introductory Spanish III
  ITAL 100-105 Elementary Italian I and II
  LAT 100-105 Introductory Latin I and II
  SPAN 111 Spanish for Medical Professionals (may be taken after Spanish 105)
  SPAN 125 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
F4 Science BIOL 100 Principles of Biology
  BIOL 101 (192) Heredity and Society
  BIOL 102 Biology of the Birds
  BIOL 103 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  BIOL 107 Environmental Science
  BIOL 112 General Zoology
  BIOL 119 Introductory Botany
  BIOL 175 Ecology of Tropical Forests
  BIOL 191 Rain Forest Ecology
  BIOL 193 Cells to Spheres: Science of Life & Environment
  CHEM 100 Chemistry and Society
  CHEM 108 (110) Fundamentals of Chemistry
  CHEM 113 General Chemistry
  EASC 110 Introductory Geology
  EASC 120 Meteorology
  EASC 130 Astronomy
  PHYS 109 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences
  PHYS 111 Introductory Physics
M1 Historical Studies ENGL 190 Irish Mythology Tour
  HIST 111 Western Civilization to 1715
  HIST 112 European Civ Since 1500 (Western Civ Since 1648)
  HIST 113 The U.S. to 1877
  HIST 114 The U.S. since 1865
  HIST 127 Latin America in the Colonial Era
  HIST 130 (210 ,204) Ancient Greece
  HIST 131 (213, 206) Ancient Rome
  HIST 140 (211) Medieval Europe
  HIST 141 (231) England through the Reign of Elizabeth (1603)
  HIST 196 Introduction to European Civilization
  HIST 294 Europe in the Eighteenth Century
  HIST 296 The African Diaspora
  REL 192 Christianity and the Roman Empire
  HIST 390 Women in Europe, 500-1700
M2 Literature EDUC 131 Young Adult Literature
  ENGL 101 American Literature
  ENGL 102 British Literature
  ENGL 103 Western Literature
  ENGL 104 The Experience of Literature
  ENGL 105 Intro. to African-American Literature
  ENGL 298 Irish Mythology Then and Now
  FORL 115 Spanish Literature in Translation
  FORL 116 Masterpieces of Latin American Lit in English
  FREN 241 Introduction to French Literature
  GERM 241 Introduction to German LIterature
  GERM/IDIS 200 Witches and Demons in German Lit and Culture
  GERM 292 Berlin: A Crossroad of History & Culture
  SPAN 241 Intro. to Literature of Spain & Latin America
M3 Ultimate Questions EDUC 160 Culture, Community, & Diversity:Intro to Critical Teaching
  IDIS/REL/SOC 191 The Lifewalk of Justice: An Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
  PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy
  PHIL 122 (222, 231) Introduction to Ethics
  PHIL 191 Introduction to Ethics and Politics
  PHIL 195 Environmental Philosophy
  PHIL 197 Existentialism: Four Major Thinkers
  PHIL 241 Ancient Philosophy
  PHIL 243 Medieval Philosophy
  PHIL 245 Early Modern Philosophy
  PHIL 247 (347) Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy
  PHIL 293 Philosophy of Science
  POSC 120 Intro to Political Thinking (as of Spring 2007)
  REL 112 Hebrew Bible
  REL 114 Jesus and the Gospels
  REL 115 (294) Major Themes in the Quran
  REL 116 Paul and the Early Church
  REL 118 The Emergence of Christianity 90-200 C.E.
  REL 121 (192) Intro to Roman Catholic Thought
  REL 123 Religions of India (M3 Prior to Spring 2005)
  REL 124 Rel of China & Japan
(M3 Prior to Spring 2005; M5 from Spring 2005-Fall 2007; M3 beg. Spring 2008)
  REL 125 (195) Intro to Islam
  REL 126 Judaism
  REL 130 Religion, Myth, and the Movies
  REL 131 Jesus Saves
  REL 133 (250) Native American Religions (M5 beginning Spring 2005)
  REL 134 (196) Islam in America
  REL/WOST 136 (197) Seeing & Believing: Women, Religion, and Film
  REL 191 The Path to PaRaDiSe: The Hebrew Bible
  REL 193 Major Themes in the Quran
  REL 196 Judaism Then and Now
  REL 199 Paul Through Jewish and Christian Eyes
  REL 224 Religious Thought of China and Japan
  REL 225 Theology and Culture
  REL 227 Ancient Near Eastern Religion
  REL 298 Globalization: Religious and Ethical Issues
  SOC 265 Sociology of Religion
  SOC 296 Ethical Issues in Sociology
M4 Economic, Social
and Political Systems
ECON 152 Principles of Economics
  EDUC 150 Education in American Culture
  IDIS/WOST 190 Social & Hist Analysis of Women in Sport
  IDIS 293/298 Perspective on Youth Violence
  MGMT 223 Management & Organiz Theory; as of Fall 2010 does not meet M4 guideline
  POSC 110 The American Political System
  POSC 115 International Politics: How the World Works
  POSC 191 Intro to Comparative Politics (M4 prior to Fall 2004)
  POSC 210 U.S. Workers in the New Globalized Economy: Rhetoric and Reality
  POSC 235 Contemporary European Politics
  POSC 237 Public Administration and Public Policy
  POSC 330 Popular Culture and Politics
  PSYC 105 Psychology of Human Adjustment
  PSYC 150 Principles and Applications
  PSYC 204 Social Psychology
  REL 110 (198) Religion and Society/What is Religion?
  REL 135 (235) History of Religion in America
  SOC 113 Cultural Anthropology
  SOC 115 Introductory Sociology
  SOC 266 (292) Sociology of the Blues (NO LONGER MEETS M4 as of SPRING 2008)
M5 Cultural Values
and Global Issues
AFST/SOC 110 Introduction to Africana Studies
  ART 222 (291) African Art
  ECON 299 Culture and Development
  ENGL 240  Post-colonial Literature
  ENVR 110 Intro to Environmental Studies
  ENVR/IDIS 190 Redefining Prosperity
  ENVR/IDIS 290 ST: COP 16: Environmental Justice on the Internat'l Stage
  FORL/WOST 191 Hispanic Women and Contemporary Issues
  FORL/IDIS 290 Caribbean Cultural Diversity
  FORL/IDIS 291 Telling The Tale: Indiv & Soc in Lat Amer Lit & Film
  HIST 121 Arabic-Islamic Civilization
  HIST 126 African Civilizations
  HIST 128 19th and 20th Century Latin America
  HIST 191 History of India
  HIST 192 History of Vietnam
  HIST 195 History of the Modern Middle East: 1820s-2001
  HIST 198 Revolution and Globalization in Modern Mexico
  HIST 199 Modern Middle East
  HIST 255  United States and Latin America: History
of Their Relations
  HIST 291 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Africa
  HIST 292 Arabs, Israelis, and Palestinians, 1948-2000: From Conflict to Coexistence
  HIST 292 Health and Healing Practices in Africa
  HIST/POSC 227(297) Modern South Africa
  IDIS 110 World Geography & Global Issues
  IDIS 160 Africa through the Eyes of Women
  IDIS 197 Godzilla, Geisha and Emperor
  IDIS 198 Forms in Japanese Culture: From Tea Ceremony to Anime
  IDIS 199 Japanese Film:  The Individual in the Modern World
  IDIS 216 (296) Intersection of Culture and Healthcare
  IDIS 260 Black and White in Africa: Responses to Racism and Oppression
  IDIS 210 (291) Modern Urbanization: Destruct & Restoration of Cities
  IDIS 293 Culture, Health, Disease in Developing World
  IDIS 296 Intersection of Culture and Healthcare
  IDIS 296 The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine
  IDIS/WOST 298 International Perspectives on Women's Health
  MATH 195 Ethnomathematics
  PHIL/REL 261 (190) Islamic Philosophy: Religion, Theology, & Mysticism
  PHIL 263 Latin American Philosophy
  PHIL 291 Topics in Global Philosophies: Akan Values
  POSC 125 Intro to Comparative Politics (M4 prior to Fall 2004)
  POSC 127 (193) East Asia and the Future
  POSC 195 Culture & Politics in Modern East Asian Civilizations
  POSC 245 Topics in Politics of the Third World
  POSC 247 Intro to Chinese Politics
  POSC/WOST 257 Politics of Women’s Rights in East Asia
  POSC 327 Topics in Comparative Politics
  POSC/WOST 347 Topics in Chinese Politics
  REL  133 (250) Native American Religions (M3 prior to Spring 2005)
  REL 223 (123) Religions of India  (M3 prior to Spring 2005)
  REL 224 (124) Rel of China & Japan
(M3 Prior to Spring 2005; M5 Spring 2005-Fall 2007; M3 Beginning Spring 2008)
  REL 251 Modern Jewish Religious Movements
  REL 255 Latin American Liberation Theology
  SOC 193 Topics in Asian Culture: Japan
  SOC 293 Topics in Asian Culture: Youth in Japan
  SOC 268 (294) Communities and Conflict in India
  WOST 101 Intro to Women's Studies
M6 Aesthetic Expression ART 105 (135) Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting
  ART 113 Global Perspectives in Art History to the Renaissance
  ART 114 Art History since the Renaissance
  ART 131 Introduction to Graphic Design (Prior to Fall 2006)
  ART 140 Design: Two-Dimensional
  ART 141 Color
  ART 142 Visual Foundations: Comp, Color, Design
  ART 159 Design: Three-Dimensional
  ART 166 Photojournalism
  ART 167 Photography I
  ART 170 (235) Drawing I
  ART 180 (239) Painting I
  ART 190 From Modern to Contemporary Art
  ART 218 Art of the Renaissance
  ART 268 Digital Photography
  EDUC 213.2 and 214.2 Together = M6 for students in early childhood education
  ENGL 212 (251) WI: Introduction to Creative Writing
  ENGL 311 Fiction Writing
  ENGL 313 (305) Poetry Writing
  MUS 011 Choir
  MUS 012 Orchestra
  MUS 013 Women's Chorus
  MUS 014 Marching Band
  POSC 348 Topics in Chinese Art, Culture, and Politics
  MUS 101 A Short Course in Theory
  MUS 105 Introduction to Western Music
  MUS 106 (160) Art of Music
  MUS 113 Introduction to Non-Western Music
  MUS 115 Jazz Artists and Epochs
  MUS 117 Music in the U.S.
  MUS 165.2 & 175.2 Mus of Western World/Mus of World (Together = M6)
  MUS/WOST 188  Women and Music
  POSC 390 Art and Politics in China’s Cultural Revolution
  PSYC/IDIS 205 (394) Spaces for Living: Design in Mind
U1 Social Impact
of Science
ART 262 The Art of the Lens
  ART 263 Historic Photographic Processes: Then and Now
  BIOL 209 Humans and the Global Ecosystem
  BIOL 296 HIV/AIDS—Multiple Dimensions
  CHEM/IDIS 391 (294, 394) Drugs and Society
  ECON 211 Economics of Health and Health Care
  ENGL/IDIS 261 (291) Prophets of Doom & Gloom
  IDIS 213 Impact of Technology on Diet and Disease
  IDIS 215 Living in a Digital Society
  IDIS 217 From Ape to Madonna: The Evolution of Humankind
  IDIS/WOST 232 Ethical Issues in Reproductive Biotechnology
  IDIS 292 Social Issues Related to Healthcare
  IDIS 293 Robots: Past, Present and Future
  IDIS 294 Genetics and Society: Intertwining Legacy
  IDIS 295 Pirates, Privacy, and Property Rights
  IDIS 295 Thinking With The Body
  IDIS 297 Climate Crises: Past, Present, Future
  IDIS 299 Computers, the Internet, and Society
  IDIS 299 Archaeology & Physical Anthropology
  IDIS 301 (398) Social Impact of Genetic Information
  IDIS 325 Evolution, Culture, and the Origins of Behavior
  IDIS/WOST 391 Sex & Gender: A Scientific Investigation
  IDIS 393 Nuclear Proliferation, Weapons, Energy Policy
  IDIS/WOST 397 Women's Health: Science & Politics of Well-being
  MATH/IDIS 292 Social Choice through Lens of Mathematics
  PHIL 259 (292) Medical Ethics
  PHIL 291 Philosophy of Technology
  PHIL/PSYC 294 Philosophy of Psychology
  PHIL 294 Philosophy and Technology
  PHIL 298 Metaphysics/Philosophy of Science Fiction
  POSC 240 Environmental Policy
  POSC 340 Energy Policy
  PSYC/IDIS 372 Developmental Implications of Medical Technologies
  PSYC/IDIS 395 Misapplication of Science: Personal Perils and Social Costs
  PSYC/IDIS 396 Psychobiology of Eating
  REL 212 (290) Materialism
  REL 293 Science and Theology
  SOC 395 Bioethics: Soc Perspective
  SOC/IDIS 299 Archaeology & Physical Anthropology
  SOC/IDIS 350 Media Technology and Society
U2 Moral Life ART/IDIS 290 Truth, Lies & Videotape: Documentary Film & Moral Issues
  ART/IDIS 292 Artists as Activists
  ART 296 May04 Japan Trip: Japanese Aesthetics and Imagination: Culture is Art/Art is Political
  ENGL/IDIS 262 (297) Literature and the Way We Live
  ENGL 360 Dramatic Literature and the Moral Life I
  ENGL 361 Dramatic Literature and the Moral Life II
  ENGL 395 Writing and/as Activism
  FREN 293 The Morality of Choice in Issues of Love and Death—French Literature in Translation
  FREN 345 Game of Appearances: Grand Siecle 1630-1715
  GERM 290 German Film from Caligari to Fatih Akin
  HIST/IDIS 220 The Holocaust
  HIST 293 History of Masculinity in Modern Europe
  IDIS 294 Emotions and Moral Choice
  IDIS 294 Ethics of Peace and Justice
  IDIS 296 Fundamental Differences
  MGMT/IDIS 310 (296) Doing Good at Work
  IDIS 299 Moral Marketing: Serving the World's Poor
  IDIS 391 Personal and Social Perspective on Moral Life
  IDIS 392 End of  Life Span
  IDIS 399 Happiness: The Holy Grail of Western Society
  MGMT 250 Moral Marketing
  NURS 360 Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care
  PHIL 243 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  PHIL 250 Environmental Philosophy
  PHIL 260 Philosophy of Religion
  PHIL/WOST 265 Feminist Philosophy
  PHIL/WOST 291 Race, Gender, Moral Knowledge & Identities
  Phil 293 Moral Argument Analysis and Debate
  PHIL 295 Bioethics and Social Justice
  PHIL 297 Diversity & Social Justice: Education for Liberation
  PHIL 299 Social and Political Philosophy
  PHIL 350 Philosophy of Law
  PHIL/IDIS 393 Exploring the Moral Mind of Global Community
  POSC 310 The Politics of Personal Identity
  POSC 355 (391) Utopias, Dystopias, Manifestos
  PSYC/IDIS 390 Prejudice, Stigma and Intergroup Relations
  PSYC/IDIS 373 Contemporary Work Life Challenges
  REL 210 Christian Ethics
  REL 211 (292) Christian Ethics and War
  REL 236 The Christian Experience of Sin and Redemption
  REL/WOST 240 (293) Jewish and Christian Feminism
  REL 245 Religion and Politics
  REL 246 War and Peace in the Biblical World
  REL/PHIL 253 Philosophy of Religion
  REL 291 The Moral Life in Four Asian Traditions
  REL 295 Peace and Violence in Islam
  REL 297 Atheism
  SOC/IDIS 251 Human Sexuality
  SOC/IDIS 256 Social Controversies
  SOC 266 Sociology of the Blues
  SOC/WOST 291 Human Sexuality
  SOC/IDIS 358 (394) Segregation in America: Legacy of Jim Crow
  SOC 393 Religion and Violence in a Global World