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Dr. Arash Naraghi


M.A. and Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara (Philosophy: Philosophy of religion and ethics)

Epistemology of religious experience, The problem of evil, Islamic theology (ethical theories in Islam), Islamic mysticism (The school of Kowrassan), Contemporary Shi'ism, and modernism in Islam (The challenges of human rights, and feminism).

Dr. Naraghi is the author of numerous publications, including these works:

Books (in Persian):
Ressaleh Din-Shenakht: Modeli Dar Fahme Iman-e Ebrahimi (Reason and Faith: A Philosophical Model for Understanding the Theistic Faith), Tarh-e-No Publisher, Iran, 1999.
The Soul's Mirrors (On Rumi's life and ideas), Negah-e Moasser Publishing, Tehran, 2010.
Ethics of Human Rights (Selected articles on human rights), Nagah-e Moasser Publishing, Iran, Spring 2010.

Selected Articles:
"Religion and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Iran" A chapter in the book, Prospects of Democracy in Iran, eds. By Larry Diamond, Mike McFaul, and Abbas Milani, Stanford University Press, forthcoming.
"Approaches to Moderate Islam in Iran", A project for The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBAR)", August 2007.
"On Abortion", Zanan; The Persian Journal for Feminism, October 2004.
"Islam and the Moral Status of Homosexuality", (presented in Center for Near Eastern Studies, UCLA), also available on my Personal Website, November 2004.
"The Concept of Religious Revivalism in Islam: A Comparative Study of Al-Ghazali and Mohammad Iqbal Lahuri", Kiayn, The Persian Journal for Theological and Philosophical Studies, November, 1996.
" A Critical Study of the Master-Disciple relationship in Islamic Mysticism", Kiayn, The Persian Journal for Theological and Philosophical Studies, December, 1992.

Contact Information:
Office Phone: 610-625-7835