Christopher Hedges, renown author and activist, will be our Seventh Peace and Justice Scholar in Residence at Moravian College this October 22-23, 2013. For more information on Hedges, check out his website:


Doing Peace and Justice Studies at Moravian

We hope to work with others at the college to fully implement a Peace and Justice Studies Minor at Moravian College soon. What is a Peace and Justice Studies Program?

Peace and Justice Studies Programs are multidisciplinary initiatives that provide a focus for study involving the connections between philosophical and theological investigation, social analysis, ethical deliberation, peacemaking, and conflict resolution.  The goal of the Moravian College Peace and Justice Studies major is to prepare students to be responsible critical analysts of society; disciplined thinkers with respect to ultimate questions of peace, justice, and conflict; and effective and creative agents for positive personal and social transformation.  The program includes both domestic and international areas of emphasis and a required experiential component such as an internship, service, and/or study abroad. 

In the meantime, while we continue to work for full approval and implementation of this program, those students who are interested in pursuing Peace and Justice Studies may do so through the "Individually Designed Major" opportunity at Moravian College. Speak with your advisor if you are interested in this possibility, and check out the "Individually Designed Major" proposal on the p-drive (go the the advising folder, and from there go to the "forms" folder).

Interested students are encouraged to take the course, "Rel/Soc/IDIS 191: The Lifewalk of Justice: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies." Speak with Drs. Daniel Jasper and/or Kelly Denton-Borhaug for additional information.