• Featured above, most of the class of 2013! From the left, Micah Leonard, Steve Gaden, Brenna Maier, James Kuri, Marcus Hardy. Their senior project abstracts are featured to the right.
  • The senior research project abstracts from the class of 2012 are printed to the right. If you scroll down you also will find abstracts from the previous year, 2011.
  • Every senior who majors in the religion department chooses a question to investigate and research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Typically these projects result in a paper of about 30 pages, though students are welcome to choose other formats for analysis and presentation of research results.
  • We especially encourage students who are rising seniors in 2013-14 to read these carefully and be thinking EARLY about your own possible topic to research in the spring!.
  • Please check out a new resource that provides material on various methods and ethical issues with regard to religious study research:
  • http://www.kent.ac.uk/
  • religionmethods/index.html

Pursuing Your Own Questions: Senior Research Project