• Religion majors and minors who are rising juniors and seniors should enroll in Rel 370, the Senior seminar, for Fall 2012.


(for full course descriptions, consult the college catalog located on the Moravian College website:

Abrahamic Literature
112: Hebrew Bible (M3)
114: Jesus and the Gospels (M3)
115: Major Themes of the Qur'an (M3)
116: Paul and Early Christianity (M3)
217: Paul Through Jewish and Christian Eyes (M3)
226: From Prophecy to Apocalyptic (M3)

Historical Studies
125: Introduction to Islam (M3)
126: Judaism (M3)
223: Religions of India: Hinduism and Buddhism (M5)
224: Religious Thought of China and Japan (M3)
227: Ancient Near Eastern Religion (M3)
295: History and Religion of the Early 18th C. Moravians (M1)

Theological Studies
121: Introduction to Roman Catholic Thought ( M3)
131: Jesus Saves? Salvation Metaphors in Christian Thought (M3)
215: Christian Theology (U2)
253: Philosophy of Religion (M5)
255: Latin American Liberation Theology (M5)
261: Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Mysticism (M5)
264: Science and Theology (U1)

Religion & Culture
110: What IS Religion? (M4)
133: Native American Religions (M5)
136: Seeing and Believing: Women, Religion and Film (M3)
225: Theology and Culture (M3)
248: Religion and Literature (M2)
251: Modern Jewish Religious Movements

165: The Lifewalk of Justice: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies (M3)
210: Christian Ethics (U2)
211: Christian Ethics and War (U2)
240: Jewish and Christian Feminism (U2)
245: Religion and Politics (U2)
246: War and Peace in the Biblical World (U2)
250: Environmental Ethics (U2) (crosslisted with Philosophy)
263: The Civil Rights Movement and the Moral Life (U2)

Advanced Study
310: Methods in Religious Study
370: The Senior Seminar
385: Directed Study in Religion

190-199, 290-299, 390-399. Special Topics.
381-384. Independent Study.
386-388. Field Study.
400-401. Honors.