Above left: Congressman and Civil Rights leader John Lewis was our 6th Peace and Justice Scholar in Residence, and was awarded an honorary degree by Moravian College for his life's work to build justice and equality.

Minor in Peace and Justice Studies

"Listening is the beginning of peace." -- Elise Boulding


The minor in Peace and Justice Studies at Moravian College is for students engaged in just about any major who wish to supplement their studies with a focus on peace and justice, social analysis, ethical deliberation, peacemaking, conflict resolution, reconciliation and more.   Whether you are a nursing or business major, English literature or sociology major, religion or science major, if you are dedicated to using your college education to help you become a more effective and creative agent for positive personal and social transformation, you should consider the PJ minor!

Having a PJ minor in addition to your major course of study will set you apart in any grad school application, as well as employment applications  for non-profits, education, religious institutions, legal institutions, social work, and the business world.

The Peace and Justice Minor is co-directed by Dr. Daniel Jasper (Dept. of Sociology) and Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug (Dept. of Religion).  Please call and/or email either of them for more information, or to have an informal conversation about the PJ minor and your major course of study at Moravian College.