Above left: Moravian College students get to know local kids at HEPAC. Above right: Renown environmental activist and philosopher, Vandana Shiva, is one of seven Peace and Justice Scholars in Residence who have visited Moravian College in recent years.

Peace, Justice and Praxis

You also will connect your academic studies regarding peace and justice to “praxis” or “practice” – this will take place as you work with your faculty advisor to develop some sort of “hands on” experience that helps you to dig more deeply into real world peace and justice as it connects with your life, your course of studies, your own hopes and goals for your life.

Examples of praxis taken on by our students:
Marissa Blose, English Major,'14: "In my Peace and Justice Capstone experience, I will intern/volunteer with LEPOCO, which will consist of attending events sponsored by LEPOCO, contributing to their monthly newletter and writing articles.   In addition, I will host poetry workshops through LEPOCO at the Bethlehem Library, where we will read poetry about peace and social justice, do activities designed to spark inspiration, write poems, and critique one another’s’ work in a group setting."

Lydia Reynolds, Nursing Major, '14: "I will work to develop a response to the "Road to Health", in particular, to identify some systemic and institutional limitations not addressed in the original report. My focus will regard the connection between food and health, with a focus on industrialized food, and income/knowledge access to quality food in the Lehigh Valley. My goal will be to improve awareness of community and healthcare professionals regarding the systemic negative influences on patient health which exist outside the agency of personal choice.


Resources for student praxis: