Disciplinary Action

The Community Standards of Moravian College, Moravian Theological Seminary, and the Comenius Center, published in the Department of Campus Safety and Police - Safety and Security Brochure and available from the Office of Student Affairs, outline campus regulations, including those associated with living in student residences. This document sets a standard of acceptable behavior and serves as a guideline for the College's disciplinary process, which is enforced by the residence-hall staff, the Office of Campus Safety and Police, and the Office of Student Affairs. Students charged with violating campus regulations are assured of fundamental principles of fairness in the adjudication of misconduct. Cases processed through College disciplinary vehicles are heard by the Discipline Review Committee or an administrative hearing officer. Students found to be in violation of College standards face disciplinary action ranging from a warning to permanent dismissal from the College. Cases involving violations of federal, state, and local laws also may be handled through the criminal court system.